2 December 2016

newest THINGY released on a tragic day wherein moot is at its most singer-songwriterly. features the Moot Trio captured by a good recordist named Davyd.



24 December 2012

the SCHOOL NIGHT SUITE¬†which originally opposed Davy Jaberi’s baggage check — “we’ve all got baggage…” — it’s true and this is mine. samples and kathleen with very little by way of fat.



15 April 2015

originally visualized vis a vis entrepreneurial meditation technique. a collaboration with Robin Macmillan wherein much Oakland songwriting was turned into grand Brooklyn progress, ROCK HAIR success.



6 February 2010

“wear my SOFT OUTFIT…” because I truly fell in love alone in my bedroom here.



4 September 2013

behold jaberi & deutsch were pop queens yawning, singing — “meet me in the SAFE SPACE.”


many more sounds can be heard on the MED bandcamp & soundcloud pages